Facility in Huelva

Our Plant in Huelva

Don Simon has in Huelva a unique plant in the world, surrounded by oranges to be able to squeezed, in less than 24 hours, one by one the oranges just picked from the tree. This integrate agriculture is a pioneer project in an international level.

As well as the 1,500 hectares of own oranges crops, it has long-term contracts with farmers of the area that guarantees the faithfulness and the quality of the raw material.

It has capacity to process more than 2,000 tones diary of fruit, squeezing and stored, outside of citrus campaign, in 12 aseptic tanks of 4 million of litters in each, at 4º of temperature that permit to conserve intact all the properties of the juice. It has 5 aseptic lines of bottled with a speed of 24,000 bottled per hour. It has a refrigerated and robotize warehouse of 14,000 pallets.

The environment in which is located our plant is directed to the care of the environment:

It is integrally manages all the sub- products with a factory-installed of pellets from the orange peel to animal consume and a system of extract essential oils, avoiding with that the wastes that historically have causing so many environment problems.

It has a system of fully sustainable energy production, such as the use of the stone of the olive, the almond shell, wood from the pruning of the tree, etc., as fuel (bio-mass).

Because of being an exclusive plantation of fruit is unique in Spain, and permits to use less plant health treatment, doing a crop nearly ecologic, as we have not got to give any other treatment which affects to the outer part of the fruit, because the most important thing is the inside of the orange (juice), selecting the best varieties and more adapted to the environment, reducing with that the water consume and the irrigation level of energy.

It has management the sewages treated by a sewage treatment plant with the last technology, getting a very strict output parameters that this water of the industrial process is suitable for the irrigation of our oranges.

Is has been reserving 250 hectares in a farm, as a nature reserve, that it has conditioned with troughs and feeding troughs, to the great bustard (European protected species).

In May 2001  Garcia Carrion signed an agreement with the Ministry of Environment on the commitment to actively participate in reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions and fighting against climate change. This agreement allows us to know the emissions data of companies, an audit will be conducted by the Ministry of Environment. Subsequently, the audit report will be the guideline to apply measures to reduce CO2 emissions. As compensation, the Board will provide a catalogue for planting species to increase forest cover.

In relation with the food safety and the quality, our plant of Huelva has the standards more exigent that exists in an international level: the BRC (British retail consortium) and IFS (International Food Standard) that certified that, both the installations and process carried out in the same, are model, the companies of the sector. Besides, it may be proud of getting three consecutive years the highest punctuation in the certificate of BRC and the highest punctuation in the standard IFS, two consecutive years. Finally, this year 2010 has also obtained the certificate ISO9001.