Our Facilities


Jumilla’s plant was built at the beginning of the 1970s, when the winery founded in 1890 was moved from the centre of the town to the outsides of Jumilla. It was here where we installed our first high speed bottling line (18.000 bottles/ hour).


Daimiel, based in La Mancha, is the biggest vineyard in the world. Furthermore, Damiel has the most modern technology and automation of packaging in Europe, with an industrial installations of more than of more than 120,000m2, with capacity of storing 75,000 pallets totally robotized.


Don Simón has in Huelva a unique plant in the world, surrounded by oranges to be able to squeezed, in less than 24 hours, one by one the oranges just picked from the tree. This integrate agriculture is a pioneer project in an international level.


Almeria’s area is known because of the good quality of its oranges and because of being the largest producing area of vegetables in Europe. We elaborate the ecological squeezed juice refrigerated, gazpacho from Andalucía- South of Spain (cold soup made from tomatoes, peppers…) cream and clear soup, all of them 100% natural products under the brand DON SIMON.