Don Simon Seleccion Tempranillo

Don Simon Seleccion Tempranillo

Pairs well with white meats, rice and semi-cured cheeses.

Tasting note

This wine has an attractive ruby red color that’s bright and clean with the bluish trim of its youth.

The nose presents intense fruity aromas characteristic of the varietal, red and black berries: blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, currants and interesting floral aromas such as violets and roses.

The palate confirms the explosion of aromas of red and black berries, reappearing in the finish those initial aromas found in the nose.


With the intention of developing a young and very fresh wine we set the harvest date based on the most ideal characteristics for the development of a young wine, and on our vines we find the ideal acidity and sugar balance.

Before beginning fermentation the already ground grape is kept at 10°C for 48 hours in order to extract, in the absence of alcohol, the terpene components producing the characteristic aromas of this varietal (wile red and black fruits and berries) as well as the anthocyanins responsible for its bluish and deep red colors.

The alcoholic fermentation takes place with oxygenated maceration below 25°C in order to preserve the aromatic potential. Once it is fermented, two thirds of the sugar is devatted, cooling the wine must to 20ºC, the temperature at which the alcoholic fermentation completes and malolactic fermentation occurs.
After light clarification and subsequent decanting it is stabilized at negative temperatures and bottled.


We recommend serving this wine at a temperature of 16°C and opening a half an hour before drinking to be oxygenated.
Don Simon Tempranillo pairs well with white meats, rice and semi-cured cheeses.

Prices & awards
  • Bacchus International Wine Competition 2013 – Silver Bacchus
  • Challenge International du Vin 2012 – Silver medal
  • International Wine and Spirit Competition 2012 – Silver medal