Sangria Don Simon (Original)

Sangria Don Simon (Original)

Number one selling Sangria in the world.

Tasting note

Don simon Sangria is all about easy, breezy fun. Brisk, bright, sweet red berries are blended with juices lemons, limes and oranges. Whther you like your win still or sparkling, Don Simon Sangria is the best tasting red wine and fresh fruit juice combination out there. it’s also low in alcohol so self restraint is only required in moderation.


Don Simon Sangria is all natural. Made from 100% fruit. The major component in our sangria is wine made from Spain’s noble grape, Tempranillo. Blended with sugar, citrus and natural fruit extracts to provide a sweet, fruity balance.


Drink it as an aperitif or with a meal. Simple summer fare – from salads to grilled meat and fish- are excellent ways to enjoy Don Simon Sangria. Our only suggestion is that you serve it cold.

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