Toro D.O.

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The province of Zamora is located in the west of the region of Castilla y León. The wine production area governed by the Toro D.O. is situated to the southeast of the province of Zamora, and includes part of the natural regions of Tierra del Vino (the land of Wine), the Guareña Valley and Tierra de Toro (the Land of Toro), and next to the plateaus of Tierra del Pan (the Land of Bread) and Tierra de Campos (the Farmlands).

The surface area of the land governed by the Toro D.O. totals 62,000 hectares, and 8,000 of this is dedicated to 8,000 hectares. In turn, 5,800 hectares of this smaller area are registered in the Regulating Body, belonging to 1,200 registered wine growers.